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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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taking a stand. our weather has a lot of range coming up the next few days. how is that for a segue? we've got showers today. a couple of decent days. maybe some wintry weather as we head into sunday. a look at our day planner for you on this thursday morning. almost there. we've got temperatures in the low 40s in town with 30s in the burbs. lots of clouds. a couple of sprinkles here and there over the next few hours. as we get toward midday rain chances increase. i think there's going to be a period of rain this afternoon with highs around 50. the 5:00 temperature of 48 degrees. you can see what looks like rain on top of us now. this really isn't reaching the ground. as you get into west virginia notice the yellows, oranges, darker green, that is reaching the ground and that's headed our way for later o. it looks like we have maybe a couple of sprinkles north earlier but that's about t. even on live doppler 9000hd, maybe a couple of windshield raindrops there. your temperatures from the low to mid-30s north and low 40s out there. monika, over to you. thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody.
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things are actually looking fine at this point. there are no big deals to report with the exception of one area in anne arundel county. if you're planning to head on the southbound side of route 3 out of odenton at rydell, there was an overnight tractor- trailer accident involving a tractor-trailer and a van. unfortunately there's a fatal involved in this accident so it's going to take a while for the investigation. in the meantime, i suggest you use state stevens church road to johns hopkins to get around the accident on the southbound side of route 3. on route 50 we'll take a live look at 97. there are no problems to report coming in through this area. annapolis as you head for the beltway and cheverly. insides the beltway you're going to be fine into the northeast corridor. let's head back over to the maps this time all the way to the west side of town. no problems to report on the toll road out of leesburg, 66 out of haymarket. a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. all lanes are open here as well. in my next report another look around the area. back to you guys. the family of the alexandria paramedic who died in the line of duty is talking
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about their loss. >> today a funeral service is going to be held for joshua weissman after his death last week. delia goncalves is in alexandria with that story. >> reporter: you can be sure it will be a very dramatic and difficult day for hundreds of firefighters and paramedics if across the region who will be coming to this area. it's quiet right now but just in a matter of a few hours, they will all be here from across the country surrounding the area of bethel temping to play tribute and say their final goodbye to one of their fallen soldiers you can say who has been with the fire department for seven years here in alexandria. josh weissman was a long-time veteran, an awarded paramedic in the alexandria fire department. he died in the line of duty last week as he rushed to rescue someone he thought was trapped in a burning car on 395 near glebe road. he jumped over a jersey wall to
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cross the highway to get to that burning car never seeing the gap in between the span of the highway. he fell 30 feet to his death on to a rocky creek below. yesterday at his viewing, his brother spoke to the media for the very first time. here's what he had to say. >> josh excelled in a career that reflected the person who he was. strong and fearless under pressure but rooted in compassion and kindness. these characteristics define not only him but so many others who dedicate their lives to helping when the circumstances are most dire. >> reporter: as a reminder as monika mentioned, the roads around here, seminary road will be closed around 10:00 this morning as all these firefighters and friends and family come to pay their last respects to joshua weissman. just a reminder for folks preparing for their morning commute that this road will be closed down around 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 later today. coming up in a half-hour, we'll have more from josh weissman's
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brother who spoke so eloquently about the viewing yesterday about the difficult time in their family's lives but what he says is the bright spot in this tragic situation. we'll have that coming up in a half-hour. >> delia goncalves reporting live from alexandria, virginia. the defense is now presenting its case in the murder trial of george huguely. the former university of virginia lacrosse player is accused of killing his ex- girlfriend yeardley love back in may 2010. one of the first defense witnesses dr. january leitz pa a says love could have suffocated while faced down in her bedroom. prosecutors argued she died because of injuries she got when huguely beat her. a special prosecutor will investigate last week's deadly police involved shooting in culpeper. one week ago a culpeper police officer shot and killed 54-year- old patricia cook. the officer claims he shot in
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self-defense after his arm became stuck in cook's car window and she drove off refusing to stop. the incident happened after the officer responded to a report of a suspicious person. d.c. police say they've arrested two people in a series of armed robberies that took place in the northwest and southeast sections of the city. it happened monday night, early tuesday morning. 27-year-old erin walker and 24- year-old shadonna fate are in custody. three robberies happened monday in northwest. in these attacks police say three robbers wore ski masks and drove a dark colored vehicle. investigators are looking into at least half a dozen other robberies in the same area. 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here. greece was the words the last half-hour. >> we're hoping for better days. yesterday not so good. wall street licking its wounds after the worst selloff of the year. of course lingering questions about the latest greek bailout
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plans. that was the problem. asian and european stocks are in the red this morning as we. checking the numbers from here at home, the dow standing this morning at 12,780. dropped 97 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq down by 16. s&p 500 off by 7. it's a deal. negotiators on capitol hill have agreed on a plan to extend the payroll tax cut. it amounts to an extra 80 buck as month and the -- in the average worker's paycheck. the compromise also extends unemployment benefits and avoids a fee cut for medicare doctors but it also adds to the deficit. >> very important to a lot of people. 160 million americans -- [ inaudible ] a lot of folks lost their jobs [ inaudible ] it's very good for the country. >> this announcement paves the
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way for both the house and senate to vote on the plan this week. the president says he will sign the bill. amazing how both sides of the aisle can come together on a politically sensitive issue during an election year. >> no kidding. it can be done. >> amazing. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> a warning for consumers about their internet behavior. big brother is watching and recording everything that they do. so we're going to talk about that coming up. >> i don't like that. >> it's starting already. >> hit the stop button. tank you. facing tough economic sanctions, iran makes an offer to talk. that story is coming up. plus, the first lady is asking states to make some changes when it comes to helping military families who have to move a lot. we'll explain. ahead in sports, disappointing news for redskins fans hoping the seem will open up its scoff scoff -- up its
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coffers to obtain peyton manning.
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it's 9 after 5:00 on this thursday morning. lots of clouds out there. we have a spotty shower toward bwi pulling away from us. we will see more showers,
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especially this afternoon. grab the rain gear, your umbrellas and jacket because it's going to be chilly to start with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. only looking at a high today around 50 degrees. winds out of the south, southeast 10 to 15. best chance of rain will be this afternoon and early this evening. i'll be back with that seven- day forecast in a few. right now monika with time saver traffic. 395 is looking good between seminary road and the 14th street bridge. with the funeral procession today at temple bethel in alexandria east of 395, expect the road closures throughout the day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on seminary road, jannings lane and king street. more on that throughout the morning. back to you. making news this morning at 5:10, fans of whitney houston will be able to watch her funeral online. the family is holding a private service in her hometown church in newark, new jersey but they have decided to allow a camera. the 48-yard died saturday in a beverly hills hotel room. iran says it's ready to resume talks over its disputed
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nuclear program. the country is facing tough economic sanctions because of stalling over allowing international inspectors to tour uranium enrichment facilities. iran claims it's working on nuclear power plants, not producing nuclear weapons. first lady michele obama is on a new campaign to help military spouses stay employed. spouses in fields like teaching and nursing often go months without working after a military transfer because they have to go ahead and get a new license in their new state. mrs. obama is urging states to offer quicker license transfers. the man in charge of mount vernon is leaving. that story coming up at 5:39 and the wizards try to win their third straight game. highlights ahead at 5:22. howard has the latest on the weekend's coastal storm that's headed this way. the seven-day forecast coming up next.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's thursday. we're almost there. we get a payoff on saturday and a surprise on sunday. >> sunday could actually be a little wintry, especially north and west of town. i wouldn't be surprised if sunday ends up being the biggest event we've seen all season. we've had .02 inches at reagan national. >> a big deficit compared to
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average. >> normally we get 15, 16 inches the entire season. we could make that up in one storm. i don't think this weekend but we do have some wintry weather by sunday the way it's looking. here's your bus stop forecast on this thursday morning. spotty showers have been out there. just spotty ones now but they're going to increase later this morning into the afternoon. temperatures running anywhere from around the mid-30s to the low to mid-40s. a few spots have dipped into the low 30s and our sunrise 6:59. not going to see it today thanks to the clouds. by noon 48. better chance of showers by midday into the afternoon with 49 at 4:00 p.m. high today around 50 and by 8:00 just a cloud. we're done with the showers i think early this evening as winds go from southerly to easterly. we are looking at the rain this morning. we have a little piece of energy come across out of the main rain. that has produced a few sprinkles. you have to go into west virginia. some of these darker colors approaching charleston, west
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virginia. locally it's pretty quiet except for a shower being reported at bwi at the top of the hour. 39 in gaithersburg. 36 hagerstown. culpeper also 39 with a 42 at pax river. even down in newland this morning i just spoke to bill down there, he's 41 with just cloudy skies. not a bad start to the day at all. locally great falls and reston are at 37 along with heytonsville. 41 for alexandria. to our east 40 -- laytonsville. 41 in alexandria. to our east 40. outside good visibility of the u.s. capitol this morning. 42 degrees. feeling like 40 with that southeast wind at 3 miles an hour. the storm system we're watching for today really is the heaviest rains from southern georgia to florida. around here light to moderate showers as we get into the middle of the day and the afternoon. as we look at future cast, here comes that rain. 9:00 into west virginia. maybe the shenandoah valley. still hanging out mainly west of us at 11:00. as we head through mid afternoon rain everywhere. then late this afternoon this
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starts to pull away to this evening and leaves us in pretty good shape tomorrow and saturday before, a storm system could bring us rain and some snow. the showers more so this afternoon. tonight we're in the 30s to near 40. 54, breezy tomorrow. saturday increasing clouds, 52. sunday rain and snow. better chance of all snow north and west. a mix here in the metro. mostly rain south and east and by president's day partly sunny, back to the 40s. it's 5:17. monika samtani is along with an update on time saver traffic. it's been a busy morning. quite a lot of activity going on if you're planning to head into odenton this morning on the southbound side of route 3 at rydell road. it was a tractor-trailer and a van involved in a fatal crash at about 2:00 this morning and the investigation continues there southbound route 3 is closed at rydell. you want to use stevens church road to john hopkins road to get around the incident. route 50rbgs we'll take a live look at 97 which is looking
5:18 am
fine as you head for the beltway and insides the beltway through cheverly. statement story on the bwi parkway as you come in from baltimore and 95 as well. back over to the map and this time headed into downtown, 395 looks okay right now across the 14th street bridge. remember with the funeral procession later this morning from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. expect closures along seminary road, king and jannings lane east of 395 in alexandria. also want to let you know downtown 15th street is closed between h and k with a water main break as well. we'll end with a live look in maryland on the beltway south of town. no problems to report here. 5:18. the wizards would have to cool off one of the hottest teams in the nba in order to one their third straight game. we have highlight coming from the stapleton in sports. time for the question of the morning this morning. >> it is according to a new survey when a woman goes
5:19 am
through a breakup, this is the number one thing she turns to for comfort. is it a, chocolate, b, wine, or c, ice cream? >> facebook friend dawn says chocolate ice cream with a glass of wine is the way to go. how do you cope with a breakup? send us your thoughts. we'll have our answer to the question of the morning coming up in our 6:00 hour.
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5:21. we're looking at cloudy skies.
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isolated showers this morning. they're up toward baltimore pulling north east. as we go through the morning hours, isolated spotty showers. by 9:00 we're in the low 40s still. upper 30s. better chance as we head toward noon that the showers will be heavier up toward martinsburg and hagerstown and points west. in the afternoon temperatures shoot in the upper 40s to near 50. notice how the rains are going to be more widespread here 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and start moving east by 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> thank you, howard. the wizards had a chance to win their third game in a row last night. >> but these l.a. clippers are not the clippers of old. as you can see washington kept up for most of the first half but then it was alley-oop time. lob city they call it out there. chris paul serving up some nice passes. wizards lose 102-84. kristen berset has the rest of your morning sports. good morning, everybody. alex ovechkin is undoubtedly the face of the capitals franchise. as the number one pick in 2004,
5:23 am
he came roaring on to the scene quickly garnering that caps fan base. we're used to him scoring 50 goals a season but last year he had just 32. struggles have been well documented this season. ollie kolzig knows him well. they were teammates for three seasons and he has his own take on the captain's decline. >> work ethic. he has to get back to being the way he was in his younger days and maybe not get wrapped up too much in the rock star status that comes with being alex ovechkin. >> frank. jeff jones and american hosting navy. this game, well, it wasn't even close. navy turns the ball over here. the fast break layup. eagles win this one 6-9 -- 69- 47. new information about peyton manning. it says he actually had four surgeries on his neck, not three. there's also been reports that
5:24 am
manning has developed bone spurs in his neck and will likely require another surgery even if he plays next season. that's a quick look at sports this morning. have a great thursday. coming up, dozens of students at one local university have symptoms of the norovirus. plus, do you have any idea just how much google and facebook know about you personally? a new privacy policy is bringing up some surprising revelations. you'll want to hear that. here is route 29 in gainesville. everything is fine here but in warrenton eastbound route 29 near route 15, watch out for authorities on the scene of a car fire. more on what's happening in virginia and maryland at 5:28. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. grab another cup of coffee
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because you're going to need it. it's because i'm that tired. you should try sleeping more, just a little bit more. >> and calling monika instead of relying on the gps. let's get going with the weather. you're going to need the jacket and rain gear. got a couple showers this afternoon. better chance midday. maybe a period of rain for several hours. then we'll have a decent friday and saturday before sunday. we'll put it that way. let's get you going with a look at the day planner. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 42 in washington. by 9:00 a couple of sprinkles here and there, 43. better chance by midday of seeing the showers, 48. the heavier showers this afternoon. highs around 50. and a south, southeast wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. we've been watching the moisture really coming out of the ohio valley streaming across the region. the heaviest stuff with the yellows and oranges, got some heavy rains on the ohio- kentucky boarder moving toward west virginia. locally this stuff is very
5:29 am
light. in fact most of this has not been reefing the ground although at the top of the hour toward bwi, we had a shower reported. we may be seeing a few new ones coming out toward the shenandoah valley in the next couple of hours. looking at live doppler 9000 hd still relatively quiet. temps in the 30s and low 40s this morning. it's now 5:28. monika is in with time saver traffic. it's been quite a busy morning, although there are not any very big deals going on in materials of traffic. i still want to give you a heads up that if you're heading out the door into odenton, southbound on route 3, that is blocked at rydell road with an overnight fatal accident. so just be aware of that. if you're coming out of frederick here, things are still final. i-70 and 270 past sugarloaf, germantown and down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll take you outside if you're planning to head over to springfield on the northbound side of i-95, you've got your normal slow stuff around the occoquan river in woodbridge and then here just the volume as you head up toward 395. back out to the maps and this time we're going to head over
5:30 am
to the west side of town. looking good on the dulles toll road out of leesburg and 66 out of haymarket although in warrenton, a vehicle fire eastbound on route 29 near route 15. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look around the area at 5:38. back to you. >> thank you, monika. this morning police say a massive crash in baltimore may be alcohol related. >> the semi truck flipped last night on southbound i-95 at the fort mchenry toll plaza but that was not the only interstate police had to shut down. the truck was carrying drums of ink which leaked on to i-895. traffic is moving through the toll plaza and police have now finished reopening all of the lanes. this was a mess but no one was hurt in the crash. a judge overseeing two wrongful death lawsuits in the virginia tech mass shooting is urging all parties to settle out of court. special justice william alexander says exhaustive testimony about the event of april 2007 will hurt everyone involved. two families have filed $10
5:31 am
million lawsuits without a settlement they'll go to trial next month. today the city of alexandria and many others will be saying goodbye to paramedic josh weissman, the first emergency officer in the city to die in the line of duty in more than a hundred years. he was rushing to a car fire last week when he fell off i- 395 overpass and down to four- mile run below. delia goncalves is live in alexandria with more on today's funeral service. delia? >> reporter: good morning, mike. every firefighter and paramedic in the city of alexandria will be have the day off. they are off duty till 7:00 tonight. their shifts covered by ear professionals around the -- by other professionals around the region so they can come here to say goodbye to their friend, their colleague and coworker. the 33-year-old helped create the training program in his seven years as an alexandria paramedic.
5:32 am
sadly, though, no training could have prevented that freak and tragic accident that claimed his life last week as he rushed to a burning car, he jumped the guardrails on 395 to cross the highway never seeing a gap in between that led to a 30-foot drop below. weissman is survived by his wife but it was his brother who spoke to the media for the very first time yesterday about the comfort they're receiving in this difficult time. >> the hundreds in the alexandria fire department and with other emergency service units from near and far have shown us with their steadfastness and compassion why josh loved what he did so much. if it's possible to take anything positive out of something so tragic it would be how thankful we feel that there are people like josh who are unflinchingly there in the most trying of times. >> reporter: outside of firefighters here in alexandria, there will be hundreds of firefighters and paramedics from across the country coming here to say
5:33 am
goodbye to their colleague, their brother, and the fire department and the paramedic profession as well. they're expected to be here in just a matter of few hours, even though it's awfully early. the funeral doesn't start till 1:00 but it will be very busy with lots of folks coming down here. there will be a procession. they will head down to his firehouse for a brief ceremony before heading to his final resting place at ivy hill cemetery on king street. coming up in a half-hour, more on weissman's career accomplishments coming up in my next live report. back to you. >> thank you, delia live in alexandria this morning. it is something you usually hear about on cruise ships but now almost a hundred students at george washington university have the norovirus. the cases have been reported among students living both on and off campus, including one of our own 9news now interns. the illness causes severe vomiting, diarrhea and muscle cramps. gw plans to step up its sanitation efforts and students
5:34 am
themselves can help by washing their hands frequently. the maryland statehouse will start debate in the bill to legalize same-sex marriage. the legislation made it out of committee earlier this week. last year a similar measure was defeated in the house. if it gets approved this time around, governor o'malley plans to sign the bill. that would make maryland the eighth state to legalize gay marriage. it is 5:34. time for another look at your money report this morning. jessica doyle is back with more consumer news. good morning. >> good morning. in just a few weeks a big change is coming to the internet that's going to have a big impact on your privacy. more and more companies are tracking everything you do online. you might be shocked by how much information about you is out there. and up for sale. >> reporter: march 1 google's new privacy policy kicks in. it will now take all of your web activity across all of its companies to profile you focus tommize services and advertising. privacy watchdogs says google has a lot of competition to be
5:35 am
the place where you do everything online. >> google, amazon, facebook and apple all want to be your digital interface to the world. they want the websites you visit, the videos you watch or buy. they want to be the ones who enter mediate any payments you make. >> reporter: the more you do business with these companies, the more information they're storing about you. google has a copy of every e- mail you've ever sent or received. it has a list of every google search you've ever made via a person, a medical stop or political idea. it has a transcript of all of your g-mail chats, a record for every google voice phone call. it even lists all of the videos you ever watched on youtube including the last one i saw with my daughter "surprise kitty." >> the same exact service, the same data that can seem like you're catering to me, you're
5:36 am
stalking me. >> reporter: he says policymakers and consumers need to demand transparency and controls from the companies that host our internet experiences. in the meantime, you can log into amazon or services like google's dashboard to check out just what these companies think about you and your activities. that way you can keep an eye on them while they keep an eye ow. >> some critics of these privacy changes say one major concern, more sophisticated hacking attacks. here's another consequence of having everything you do stored away. divorce attorneys nowadays are subpoenaing facebook, e-mail and chat records for signs of outside relationships. since they date back to everything you've ever done since you've had an account with these companies, that means they get everything that you've ever sent or any kind of message that you sent to an
5:37 am
outside relationship. >> amazing it has that kind of storage capacity. >> it's going to be even more because you look up stuff on your cell phone where a few years ago you had to do it in front of a computer at home. >> that's a reason why these companies are trying to get in everybody else's businesses, so they can get a bigger piece of knowing more about you. >> that is scary. >> thank you. the person in charge of transforming our first president's home is stepping down. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. singer james ingram is 60 years old. actor, educator lavar burton is 55. rapper, actor and reality tv star ice tea -- ice-t is 54. >> did you know the olsen twins have a younger sister? she's an actress in a good
5:38 am
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welcome back. 5:39. 42 degrees at reagan national. i wish i grabbed my jacket. with a little bit of a breeze, definitely chill yu out here this morning. -- chilly out here this morning. grab the umbrellas. we have showers on the way. we had spotty showers thank. that will be the case the -- this morning. that will be the case the rest of the day. i'll be back in five minutes and talk about the weekend forecast which does have some very interesting possibilities for sunday. right now monika is in with -- she's been busy this morning with time saver traffic. really busy this morning. here's a live look downtown at pennsylvania avenue at the
5:41 am
williard hotel. coming up in my next report, another look around the area and n a few minutes. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, monika. the man credited with overhauling one of northern virginia's biggest tourist attractions is retiring. james reece has been president of george washington's mount vernon estate since 1994. the 59-year-old reece is retiring june 1 citing unspecified health reasons. his achievements include a $60 million museum which opened in 2006. he also presided over the restoration of the first president's distillery and grist million which now offers new blends of whiskey made from washington's original recipes. work is currently under way on a $37 million center that will serve as washington's presidential library. well, now it is time to see how you can save a bunch of cash. >> people in the newsroom are talking about this one. some really good deals. jess has been scouring the posted daily deals.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:46 this thursday morning. howard has an interesting 50-50 forecast for the weekend. >> saturday will be fine. it's sunday that has a threat for not just rain but some snow as well. a decent storm will come out of the gulf of mexico and track
5:47 am
across the south and emerge somewhere off the mid-atlantic coast. maybe the carolina coast. depending on the exact track, it will determine if we see all snow in some spots, rain in some spots, rain to snow in the metro. that's kind of would i'm thinking right now. -- kind of what i'm thinking right now. we've got spotty showers right now mainly dry and hopefully we get through much of the rush hour this morning mainly dry. temps from the mid-30s to low to mid-40s over the next few hours. sunrise at 6:59. today we are looking at lots of clouds. spotty showers during the morning hours. picking up later this morning through midday. upper 40s with showers around. maybe some heavier showers for parts of the afternoon. 48 degrees at 5:00 p.m. but as we head into the evening, looks like the bulk of the showers will start to move east of us. so going out tonight, i think things will be generally not rainy. maybe still wet streets but not rainy. here comes the moisture. had a few sprinkles here and there pass through us. the heaviest stuff now just starting to get toward roanoke looking out toward west
5:48 am
virginia, parts of concern ken and ohio and pa -- of kentucky and ohio and pennsylvania. here's the doppler zoomed in. you can see all of the yellows and oranges coming out of southern ohio into west virginia. those are some hefty showers. near us there's very light green. a lot of this is evaporating before it comes down, not even reaching the ground. we're just getting a spotty shower or to our weather headlines showers today, especially midday in the afternoon. nice, though, friday and most of saturday, although saturday afternoon clouds will be increasing. late saturday night into sunday storm system is going to approach. that does mean rain and snow likely across the region. north and west it may be an all snow event. south and east maybe a mainly rain event. we don't know where the rain- snow line is going to set up and where it's going to move from northwest across the region. 30 in williamsport. that's why they had a little bit of pink on the map. 42 here. we've got 50, though, out in charleston. so the warmer air not that far away. locally still some upper 30s places like reston, leesburg
5:49 am
down to 36. it's 40 degrees in rockville. alexandria is 41. crofton 40 and columbia 38. outside cloudy skies but good visibility under our michael & son weather camera. feeling like 40 with a light southeast wind right now of 3 miles an hour. moips tur opportunities to move -- moisture continues to move in. we have showers back in eastern illinois still and the heaviest stuff is way down south. south georgia. that will be pushing through this afternoon and by this evening as i said most of this will be off to the east. so the forecast today about 50. eight going to be a cool day. raining at times, especially this afternoon. we dip into the 30s tonight. mid up toker 30s for lows with partly cloudy skies. breezy tomorrow, not bad, 54. saturday 52 with increasing clouds. then by sunday rain and snow across the region. we'll pinpoint that more as we get closer to it so stay tuned with me later and topper in the evenings and president's day we're back to 46. it's 5:49. monika samtani, your list looks
5:50 am
smaller than last time. it's smaller but i am going to show you a live picture from sky 9. i've been telling but a serious accident from overnight in anne arundel county here. southbound route 3 at rydell road. this was involving a tractor- trailer and a van. unfortunately one person did die in this accident. so the investigation continues here. go ahead and use st. stevens church road to john hopkins road instead. let's go to the maps. 270 looks final. there are no problems to report as you head in from gaithersburg down to the point where the lanes divide, although there is an accident center way east of montgomery village avenue so be aware of that. authorities are on the scene. we'll take you live outside near university boulevard on the outer loop of the beltway. no problems to report here as you leave 95. let's go back over to the maps on the northbound side of i-95. no problems to report, just the slow traffic at the occoquan river. we'll end with a live look in springfield. it's going to slow down here as well heading for the beltway. in my next report, another look around the area at 5:48.
5:51 am
back to you. making news now at 5:50, the united nations general assembly is expected to approve an arab sponsored resolution this afternoon calling for an end to the fighting in syria. it's also expected to condemn human rights violations allegedly committed by the regime. however, the resolution is nonbinding. president obama is raising campaign funds out west. he attended two major fund- raisers in los angeles. he'll go to another one later this morning and then fly north to san francisco for two evening fund-raisers. in campaign 2012, mitt romney is trying to win back his home state of michigan before his february 28th primary. polls show romney has lost his lead there among likely republican voters to rick santorum. santorum spent wednesday campaigning in north dakota, one of the super tuesday states. 9 wants you to know more about what police see when they encounter teenage drinking. >> montgomery county officers
5:52 am
say they routinely see teens register a .25 or higher in breathylizer tests. >> andrea mccarren spoke with officers about their encounters with both teens and parents and now some adults take teen drinking lightly and how officers feel when they encounter the worst outcomes. >> reporter: for many police officers there are images they find hard to forget. for corporal nick augustine, it was an underage drinking party on new year's eve. >> i go into the back room and see a female passed out on a bed in vomit, her clothes mangled and condoms sitting around here. >> reporter: the teenager had been sexually assaulted. police called the homeowners. >> we called the parents, notified them of what happened and that we need them to come and take care of their child. they said well, we can't come. we're at a new year's eve party. >> reporter: they told police they could come in a few hours when their party was over. >> they were upset that we were disturbing their new year's eve plans for that night. >> seven out of ten teenagers
5:53 am
feel it's consensual to have sex with somebody that's passed out. that's not consensual sex. it's rape. >> the girl had to be transported to the hospital because she could not be left alone. >> it's bad enough with the date rape drugs but now all of a sudden you have people dosing girls to the point where hey, we want you to get to the point where you're about to pass out and that way we're all going to have sex with you. >> reporter: what it amounts to is gang rape? >> yes. >> blood alcohol concentration of the kids we're seeing now is just unbelievable. they should be dead. >> reporter: in recent months, he has personally watched as three teenage girls were each transported to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. the oldest was 16. >> it's scary. these parents have forgotten that their kids can die. >> it's hard to get the attention of the parents so
5:54 am
they actually have a police officer come to their door one morning and say their child is killed in a alcohol-related tragedy. >> reporter: he knows firsthand what it's like to make a death notification. what it's like to tell a parent that their child is gone forever. >> i had one woman who -- this was her second child that had been killed in a fatal collision. she knew right when i was at the front door what i was there to say and she didn't want to let me in the house because she knew what i was there to say. >> reporter: most of these tragedies and much of the heart ache are preventible. >> if you have information you'd like to share about underage drinking, please go to our website and click on 9 wants you to know at the top of the home page. don't forget to check out cbs this morning right after our 6:00 a.m. newscast. andrea mccarren will be a live guest talking about the
5:55 am
attention her stories on underage drinking have generated. she's scheduled to appear on cbs this morning around 7:30. let's take another look at our question of the day this morning. it is according to a new survey, a woman who goes through a breakup does one of these things for comfort. is it a, have some chocolate, b, a glass of wine or c, some ice cream? >> nancy thinks the answer is a. she says chocolate is the best medicine for anything. >> chris went off the list and says the answer should be d, his best friend. keep your responses coming. we'll reveal the correct answer in about an hour. very few of us are privileged enough to get to go to the white house. >> but coming up in today's school schools, that's -- cool schools, that's exactly what some virginia students got to do to show off their invention to protect u.s. troops. really cool. finally the do nothing congress does something. find out what it means to you
5:56 am
and your paycheck. that's coming up at 6:01. you're watching 9news now. james thomas cool papa bell made his mark in the negro national league. he started his career as a pitcher at age 19. he was considered the fastest base runner of all type. he earned the nickname cool when he struck out legendary player oscar charleston. his manager added papa after he reportedly stole $1 -- stole 175 bases in a 200-game season. he was elected to the baseball hall of fame in 1974. to view more african-americans in history, log on to
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5:59 am
good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. it's 6:00 a.m. you're looking at a beautiful shot of the people's house, the u.s. capitol. dark skies there. 42 degrees in the nation's capitol. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. it's sort of balmy for february. here's monika samtani who has traffic momentarily. >> will the balminess lead to showers later today? here's howard bernstein. >> just keep going. we had a couple of sprinkles overnight. you may have a little wetness on the ground this morning early. we'll have a better chance of showers as we head later this morning through midday and especially this afternoon. highs get toward


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